Kinza Group (Pvt) Ltd
Kinza Group (Pvt) Ltd
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The KINZA Group (Pvt.) Ltd is an IT service, consulting and business solutions company serving local and international businesses. We are accomplished in offering well rounded solutions with the latest technology to businesses by creating software, web solutions and digital media marketing strategies.
Our mission is to satisfy our customers and offer them the very best of technology. We take pride in fulfilling our customers’ needs and guiding them through the technological market strategies to thrive in their business ventures and reach their maximum potential. Being a top quality IT solutions providers in Sri Lanka, we give the utmost customer satisfaction provided by our well qualified and skilled staff. It is our greatest delight to stay next to our customers throughout their journey and assist them all throughout our days.
Kinza is the main Sri Lankan branch of Sonasu, a well established Japanese company with branches located in more than 45 countries. Influenced by Sonasu, we use high end Japanese technology to create our solutions and we triumph in following the same Japanese standards and protocol when serving our customers.

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